Fernando Beteta is dynamic and entertaining host for wine classes, lectures and speaking engagements. His approach is to make wine fun and easy to learn. Often taking a casual approach, the sessions allow everyone to feel relaxed and promotes engagement.

He provides the follow sets.

Wine Classes

Personalized wine education

Corporate courses


"Learn to Blind like a Master"

This is one of the most popular tastings Beteta provides. This engaging and educational tasting is a lesson on how Master Sommeliers deduct wines based on color, aroma and flavors. Beteta will pick 6 classic wines from around the world that are wrapped and poured blind for you and your guests. He will guarantee that even the novice wine drinker will enjoy this tasting and be able to discern the differences between an Old World and New World wine, wines with high and low acid, oaked and unoaked.

This is a 2-hour experience that can be set up casually in your home or event space. 6-8 wines.


“Hosted wine tasting with Master Sommelier”

Wines of France

Wines of France

An intimate, educational tasting of French food & wines. Explore sparkling, whites & reds from different regions of France, paired with heavy appetizers, including imported charcuterie, cheese, inspired dishes. Beteta picks the classic regions of France, including Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhône, Champagne and Loire Valley to educate you on the differences in styles, grapes and history.

This is a 2-hour experience that can be set up casually in your home or event space. 6-8 wines.

"Private Wine Dinner at Home or Event Space"

Beteta will work with you or a chef to create perfect pairings for a multi course menu. The opportunity to host a dinner at home with Garçons Chic and have a Master Sommelier talk about each wine for each course is a unique experience. Beteta's humor and approachability will have your guests asking questions about wine and learning about multiple regions, vintages and producers during the event.