Practice questions for Sommelier Theory.

What is the dominant soil type of Champagne?


Name the 3 steps in Champagne production:


What is a Pupitre?


What is the minimum aging for a Non Vintage Champagne?


What is Coteaux Champenois?


How is Rosé Champagne made?


How much pressure is typical in a Champagne bottle?


What is Liqueur di Triage?


What is a giropalette?


What is a Cuvée de Prestige?


What is Crémant?


What do the following letters represent on a Champagne bottle?   RM NM MA SR


What do the letters RD mean on a Champagne bottle?


Which region of France has the most northerly vineyards?


What is the CIVC?


Where in Champagne is Chardonnay the main grape?


Describe these vintages in Champagne:  ’96’94’93’90’87’85’82


Name the 5 main areas in Champagne:


Which Champagne region produces the most black grapes?


What percentage of the fixed price for grapes may be charged for Grand Cru, Premier Cru, Cru?


Name the 3 pruning methods permitted in Champagne


Vintage Champagne may or may not contain wine from previous vintages?


What is Liquer d’expedition?


Who is credited with starting the remuage portion of the Champagne process?


What is the maximum amount of must permitted per kg of grapes in Champagne production?


Name the levels of sweetness/dryness for Champagne


Name the bottle sizes used in Champagne


Most Blanc de Blanc Champagne comes from which region of Champagne?


Name the only AC in France which allows blending of red and white wines to produce Rose’


What is Autoclave?


What is Carbonation?


What does Petillant mean?


Describe the Charmat process


Describe the Transversage Method


What is Vin Mousseux?


What does Perlant mean?


What does Spritzig mean?


What is Perlwein?


What is Schaumwein?


What is a Spumante?


Name the Anbaugebiet of Germany


Name the top Bordeaux Districts


Name 3 Grand Cru in the Cote-de-Nuits


What does AVA stand for?


What was the first AVA?


What is Bairrada?


Name 3 DOCG wines


What grapes are used to make Spanish sparkling wines?


Name 2 AVA on the East Coast


What % of the stated grape variety must be used in making German QmP wines?


What is the sweetest level of German wine?


What are the primary grapes used to make Sauternes?


Name 2 wines from the Central Valley of Loire


Where is Marsala made and what is it made from?


What grapes are used to make Hermitage?


Name a white wine appellation in the Rhone


What does AOC stand for?


Name 4 grapes grown in Burgundy other than Chard and Pinot


What grape is used to make Gavi?


What grapes are used to make Rioja?


What is the main grape of Taurasi?


In what area would you find the Hunter Valley?


Where would you find Pinotage and what is it?


Name 5 grapes used to make Chateauneuf-du-Pape


What is Retsina?


What is passerilage?


What is Savennieres?


What are the 5 main grapes used in classic Bordeaux?


What is the full name for the fungus that is responsible for making sweet wines of Sauternes and sweet German wines?


Name the 6 communes of the Medoc Classified in 1855


Which grapes are used to make Cognac?


What is the main flavoring ingredient for Kirsch?  Framboise?  Quetsch?


Name 4 grapes that can be used to make Grand Cru wines in Alsace


What is Loupiac?


What grapes can a Blanc de Noir in Champagne be made from?


What does C.M. stand for on a Champagne bottle?


What is a matriculation number?


Name 3 dessert style wines from the Loire


Name 2 AVA’s in Oregon


Name 2 AVA’s in Washington State


What is the main growing area in Argentina?


Name 6 California AVA’s


Where is Barrossa Valley?


What areas can legally produce Liebfraumlch?


What grapes are used to make Bardolino?


What is the main growing region of Chile?


Where is Margaret River?


What is Vin Santo?


What is the sweetest style of Madeira?


What is a puttonyas?


What do you call the final liquid added to Champagne?


What does methode rurale refer to?


What is the principal flavoring ingredient in Vermouth?


What is a VDN?


How long must a non-vintage Champagne be aged?


What is Passetoutgrains?


What grapes can be used for Vouvray?


What is teinturier?


What is the best soil for Chablis?


Name 2 Grand Crus in the Cote-de-Beaune.


Name 4 recommended grapes for Port


What is Bandol?


What is an Oechsle?


What is the main grape used in Asti Spumante?


What is the aging requirement for Barolo?


Name 3 generally declared vintages for Port in the 1970’s


What Medoc wines were rated Premiers Crus in the 1855 Classification?


How many premier crus for white wine were there in the 1855 Classification?


What does “Foxy” refer to?

What is the full name for the louse responsible for so much vineyard destruction in France in the 19th Century?


What is the driest category for Champagne?


Which type of beer is top-fermented?


What is Tequila made from?


What is the driest style of Sherry?


What is batonage?


What grape is used to make Chateau Grillet?


Name a sparkling wine from Southwest France


Name 3 countries that produce rum


Name 2 sparkling wines from France other than Champagne


Name 3 Premier Curs from Puligny-Montrachet


What is Valais?


What is Fitou?


What soil is responsible for the best Chardonnay in Champagne?


What is a Manzanilla?


What is wort?


What is a Monopole?


Name two Monopoles in Burgundy


What is apassimento?


What is Crusted Prot?


What grapes are used for Sherry?


Which classification in Bordeaux is reviewed every 10 years?


What is an Americano?


What is a Negroni?


What do you call sparkling wine in Germany?


What is “Crackling Wine”?


What are the 2 basic types of Gin?


What is Boberg?


What is a Daiquiri?


What is Picolit?


What is Crimea?


What Communes are allowed the Pouilly-Fuisse AC?