500 practice questions for the Master Sommelier Exam. (my old flash cards)

Disclaimer: These are NOT official or past Master Sommelier questions. Just general theory I used to prepare for my exam.

10 years ago when I was studying for the Master Sommelier exam, I wrote down thousands of practice questions. I wasn't into flashcards. Instead, I had them on EXCEL sheets and WORD documents so I could upload to my mobile phone. 

Did you know you can enable speak selection on iphone, ipad and iMac? Have your phone ask you wine questions!!

These questions are probably outdated and have many misspellings. Don't judge.

I recommend you write your own practice questions, putting yourself in the guests' shoes. What would they ask?


Master Sommelier Prep Questions

  1. What is Torcolato, where is it made?

  2. What is Saporavy?

  3. What is Grand Vidure?

  4. What is Eutypa Dieback?

  5. Where is the Wahluke slope located?

  6. What are port tongs used for?

  7. What is Saigné?

  8. Name the satellites of St. Emilion

  9. Name 2 producers of Single Malt of: Islay, Speyside, Campeltown

  10. Name five villages of Cotes du Rhone

  11. Name 2 Ier Crus of Volnay, Flagey-Echezeaux and Santenay

  12. What is Ausbruch

  13. What are the 3 districts of Penedes

  14. Name 3 AVA’s of Sierra Foothills

  15. Where would you find the Cote de Sezanne

  16. Where would you find wines produced from Schiava and how would you describe them

  17. Name five producers of quality Sherry

  18. Name one district of the Breede River Valley Region

  19. Describe the regulations for production of QBA in Germany

  20. Describe the wines of the Coteaux de Tricastin

  21.  Where would you find the Okanagan Valley

  22. What are the permitted grape varieties for Alsace Cremant

  23. Name the smallest Anbaugebiete in Germany

  24. Name the AOC’s of Calvados

  25. What is the Cima Corgo

  26. Desbribe the location and wine for the Cotes de Duras

  27. Name the five classifications of sherry before going to solera

  28. Name the five viticultural regions of Chile from North to South

  29. What is macerations pelliculaire

  30. Name five producers using the Stags Leap AVA

  31. Where does the sediment in old wines come from

  32. What is a mash tun

  33. Name three communes in the Montagne-de-Reims

  34. Name five VDQS region in France

  35. What is Pegeage

  36. What is Remontage

  37. What is Myoage

  38. Name seven communes of St. Veran

  39. What wines are made in the Coteaux du Lyonnais- Where is it located

  40. What is PLC- What is its purpose

  41. Chateau de Bachen is a notable producer in the VDQS region

  42. This ancient AC region is the eastern extension of Entre-Deux-Mers

  43. This is the southernmost AC in the Southwest Region of France

  44. This AC share the same geography as Madiran  

  45. In what department would you find the Corbieres AC

  46. What recently promoted AC is the western extension of Minervois

  47. Val d’Orbeau, Domain de L’Hortus, Mas Julien & St. Martin de la Garrigue are located in what AC

  48. The Rhone River forms part of the eastern border of this AC  

  49. These two southern most AC’s share the same geography 

  50. This small AC sits in the hills above Nice

  51. This AC lies in the center of Provence and is named for a French Department

  52. The vin rouge from the AC must contain a minimum of 50 % Mourvedre

  53. This hilltop village making high-quality rouge and rose received its own AC in 1995.  

  54. Chateau Simone covers three quarters of the area in this AC just east of Aix-en-Provence. 

  55. Name the largest and smallest of the Grand Crus of Gevrey-Chambertin

  56. Name three Ier Crus of Gevrey-Chambertin

  57. In what year was Le Grand Rue elevated

  58. Name at least 3 of the 5 communes of the Cotes du Nuits-Villages

  59. Which is the larger of the two Grand Crus of Chambolle-Musigny

  60. Name two Ier Crus of Vosne Romanee

  61. From North to South, list the AOC communes comprising the Cotes du Nuits

  62. Where is Perchament and what type of wine is made there

  63. Identify the five AC’s of Bergerac

  64. There are 43 communes in Graves. Name 7 estates in the Graves classification

  65. What year did Pessac-Leognan become an AOC

  66. What is the minimum % of SB required for making white Pessac

  67. What is the cepage of Ch. Haut Brion

  68. List 5 other producers of Chateauneuf du Pape besides Beaucastel and Vieux Telegraphe

  69. What is the minimum % of Cabernet Franc & Cabernet Savignon combined required in Rose de Loire AC

  70. What grape and method of harvest is used to producte Coteaux de l’Aubance

  71. Sancere is on the west bank or east bank of River Loire? Pouilly Fume?

  72. Name the five villages of Pouilly-Fuisse

  73. Name the two Maconnaise other than Pouilly-Fuisse in the village of Pouilly

  74. Which Maconnais AOC overlaps the Beaujolais district and which Beaujolais Cru does it encompass

  75. What grapes are used to produce Macon-Villages

  76. Name the newest Maconnais AOC

  77. Name the department emcompassing the Cotes Chalonnaise

  78. What is another name for the Cotes Chalonnaise

  79. Which AOC is just south of Mercurey

  80. Which Cotes Chalonnaise AOC produces white wines only

  81. What is the maximum amount of chardonnay allowed in Aligote de Bourzeron AOC

  82. Alsace lies on what latitude

  83. Name the 2 French Departments of Alsace

  84. What are the two varieties of Muscat found in Alsace

  85. What is Klevener de Heiligenstein

  86. How many Grand Cru vineyards were established in 1983. How many exist today

  87. Trimbach’s famous Riesling Clos Ste. Hume comes from what village

  88. Name the only two Ier cru vineyards in Chablis which face Southwest

  89. What are the key differences between a Chablis Grand Crus and Petit Chablis

  90. Where is La Moutonne

  91. What is the name of a traditional Chablis barrel and its size

  92. Name the single village wine made from Sauvignon. What is its classification

  93. How many Ier Crus vineyards exist in Chablis, Name at least five.

  94. Name the Five communes of Margaux (Hint … CLAMS)

  95. Give three AOCS that are satellites of Pommerol and St Emilion but do not have the ending of St. Emilion.

  96. What is the exact location of Blaye, explain its AOC.

  97. Give the growth and commune of the following Chateau: Dauzac, La Lagune, Dufort-Vivons.

99. Name the AOC’s of the following Chateau: Clarke, Hortevie, View Chateau Certan, Larmande, Labegurce

100.What year was Graves classified, what year did the classification change

101.In 1989 what changed for Cognac

102.Name 7 communes of the Coteaux de Layon Villages and the which side of the river they are on.

103.Name 2 grand crus of Sauternes

104.Where are Close des Ormes, Amoreuses, and Clos de Ducs

105.What is Rasteau

106.What are the grapes of St. Peray

107.What was the change in 1990 for Blanquette de Limoux

108.What type of wine is Jurancon, where is is located

109.What is weissherbst and where is it made

110.Name 2 pruning techniques used for champagne

111.Name four grand crus in the Montagne de Reims

112.What style of wine is made in assmunhausen

113.What is the last of the first press of Champagne called

114.What is passetoutgrains

115.Where is the Puget Sound

116.What AVA’s are shared by Oregon and WA

117.What is the % of varietal in Oregon, % for Cabernet Sauvignon

118.What is the only hybrid allowed in Canada

119.What is Boberg

120.Where is Suhindol

121.Where is Mavrodaphne made

122.Where is Prosessoco made

123.Where is Concha Y Toro made

124.What is the oeschle for SGN Gerwurztraminer

125.Name the two grapes disallowed in Cremant d’Alsace

126.What is Vin Jaune and where is it produced.

127.Name four regions on the south island of New Zealand

128.Where is Christchurch

129.What is Ude Libertas

130.What are the regions of Ribatejo

131.What are the sub-zones of the Duoro

132.What is Mirabelle

133.Where is Ramisco grown

134.What rive is the Cotes de Roannaises on and what grape is used in it.

135.Name the red grape of Rieully

136.Where is Loupiac exactly

137.Where is the Gros Plant VDQS exactly

138.What is the commune of Pouilly-Fuisse

139.What is the size of a gonchi and a putton

140.What is the size of a traditional burgundy barrel and what is it called

141.What is Collioure

142.What is the law governing NV champagne

143.What is the 5th German Wine Law

144.What are the regions of SE Australia

145.What is the northernmost region in Germany

146.Where is Montee de Tonnnere and St. Criox du Mont

147.What is fleurburiningug

148.Name the rivers these villages are located on: Assmunhausen, Trittenheim, Saale-Unstrut.

149.What is the northernmost region in SA

150.What year did the Wine of Origin begin in SA

151.What is the most widely planted varietal in SA

152.Name five regions of Victoria

153.What is the name of the first estate used for Grange Hermitage

154.Where is Kumeu River made

155.What is Amaretto made from

156.Name 3 Ier crus of Savigny-les-Beaunes

157.What are the grand crus of Morey Ste. Denis

158.What is Cour Cheverny and what region is it in

159.Name the primary and secondary towns of Rioja

160.Name the three soils in Sherry

161.Name the regions of Armagnac

162.What two regions combine to make Fine Cognac

163.Name the grand crus in the Cote de Blanc

164.What is the max allowed quantity in the first pressing of champagne

165.Name the DO’s of the Algarve

166.Where exactly is the Cotes de Meliton

167.Name the three grapes allowed in Tokaji

168.Name the AVA of Mendocino

169.Name three wineries from Lake

170.What is Colheita, how does it differ from an aged Tawny

171.What is IPR

172.Where is Chalone made

173.Name the beriechs of the Nahe

174.What is Grand Vidure

175.What are the regions of the central valley

176.Why do you malt barley

177.Where is the Waluke slope

178.What is the grape used for Maury

179.What is Arneis

180.What is Carmignano, Where is it made

181.What style of wine is made in Quincy

182.Name the departments of the Lanquedoc-Roussillon

183.What region are these producers located: Rayne-Vingneau, Millet, Trotanoy

184.Where is Lagavulin located

185.Where is Cornas located, exactly

186.What is Edelzwicer

187.What is the difference between Kabinetts in Germany and Austria

188.What is the Bordeaux Mixture

189.What is Eutypiose

190.What are the grapes used for Orvieto

191.What is the synonym for Chasselas in Switzerland

192.What does CM stand for on a bottle of Champange

193.Where is Bouzeron

194.Where is Setubal and what kind of wines are produced there

195.Name four groups/wines of Madiera

196.What is Jalle de Brevil

197.Name two Mexican AVA

198.Name the grape varietal and region for Santa Maddelina DOC

199.Where is St. Macarie

200.Name the villages that comprise the Cote de Nuits-Villages

201.Name two sub regions of the Oltrepo Pavese

202.Name the DOC’s of Liguria

203.What is dornfelder

204.What are the three towns comprising the Sherry Triangle

205.What isdoble pasta

206.DOC’s of Molise

207.What is Reichensteiner

208.Name 3 AltembergGrand Crus from Alsace

209.What is Cotnari

210.Name the varietal producing and off dry white from Eger

211.What is Ripasso

212.Name the AOC’s of Jura

213.What is the famous wine from Styria

214.Name the Grosslagen for Ruwe

215.Grosslagen for the whole of Saar

216.What is Peronsopera

217.Name the AVA’s of WA

218.What is Edel Latos

219.Name the dry white appellations for Bergerac

220.Name the AVA’s of Long Island

221.Name the 16 villages of the Cotes du Rhone Village

222.Wine villages of Ruwer

223.Trellissing system used in Jurancon

224.Champagne Grand Crus elevated in 1985

225.What is Smaragd

226.Cote de Beaune Ier Cru Monopoles. Name them

227.Grape Varietal of Nausa

228.Name the growing region east of Auckland

229.What is the town name which is the center of Cava making in Penedes

230.Name three Ier crus of Pommard

231.Grape varietal of Corsica

232.Name two Texas Wineries

233.Name three Greek regions where Retsina TA is made

234.What is Fondillon

235.What is St. Raphael

236.What is a Horse’s Neck

237.What is an Orange Blossum

238.What is a Cordial Medoc

239.What is Cynar

240.What is Glayva

241.What is a Parfait Amour

242.What is Suze

243.Name four Single Quinta Ports

244.What is the meaning of Engarrafado

245.Name a chateauof Listrac

246.What is the difference between an Americano and a Negroni

247.What is a Fio d’Alphi

248.Name the communes of Barbaresco

249.What is Autolysis

250.What is Prise de Mousse

251.What is Poignetage

252.Name five Wienbaugebiet for Deutsher Tafelwein

253.What is Picolit

254.Name tow villages that may append their name to Cotes de Roussillon-Village

255.What is Seyssel, What is Crepy

256.What was the first DOCG in Italy

257.Grapes of Jura

258.Two rivers which confluence to produce botrytis in Sauternes

259.Six AVA’s of New York State

260.Eight Communes of Chianti Classico

261.Five Communes of Barolo

262.Largest AC in Lanquedoc Rousillon

263.What is a Clavelin used for

264.Name five communes of Sauternes

265.What is a bonne chauffe

266.What is Dunder

267.Name the Rivers on Fronsac’s Borders

268.Name the AVA’s of Sna Joaquin Valley

269.Name the AVA’s of South Central Coast

270.Aging Requirements for Rioja Reserva

271.Four zones of Lambrusco

272.Six zones for Fruili-Venezia Guilia

273.AC’s of the Savioe

274.Wine villages of the Pfalz

275.What wines are produced in Arbois

276.Grapes in Franciacorta DOCG

277.DOC’s of Latium

278.River in Sachem

279.Famous soil type in Saale-Unstrut & Franconia

280.DOC’s in Apulia

281.What is Viti

282.What is Oeil de Perdrix

283.Name the sub districts of Valtellina

284.Minimum single vineyard % for Austria

285.Major grape varietal for Rueda

286.Name four cockatils using Angostura Bitters

287.Name three Ier crus for Volnay

288.AVA’s of New Mexico

289.What is Ratafia

290.AVA’s of Arizona

291.White grapes used in Chateauneuf du Pape

292.Grand Crus of Montague de Reims

293.Name the five districts of Navarra

294.Chinon is on what river

295.White grapes used in Port

296.Two AC’s of Corsica

297.Brazil’s largest wine producing area

298.What is Breton

299.What is Cot

300.What is a Piece

301.Most widely planted red varietal in Argentina

302.Name AVA’s in Sonoma ending in Valley

303.Where is Wurzberg

304.Scientific name for Phylloxera

305.What is Chloris

306.Name the 10 Cru Beaujolais from North to South

307.DOCG of Umbria

308.Southern most grape growing region in Argentina

309.Declared Port vintages from 1981-1994

310.Name two Sauternes and two Barsac producers

311.Name four aperitifs other than cocktails, sparkling or still wine

312.Name the distillate stages for Cognac

313.What are the four components fo Sake

314.Grapes for Frascatti

315.Name the soil and grapes for Bairrada

316.Describe the viticulture practice of Colares

317.What grape is used to produce Clairette de Die

318.What is the difference between an Ale and a Lager

319.Name the regions of Austria

320.Where is the King Valley, Where is the Swan Valley

321.What are feints

322.Name the declared Champagne vintageas from 1980-1995

323.How much Champagne can be produced by 4000 tons.

324.Name the top red wine vineyards of he Rheingau

325.What the 3 rose wine specialties of Germany

326.What is advocat

327.What is the ageing for LBV

328.Name 2 monpole villages in Burgundy

329.Name the white wine regions of the Northern Rhone Valley

330.Name the Mt. Range running through Chateauneuf du Pape and Gigondas

331.Maximum amount of Grenache allowed in Gigondas

332.Vacqueras requires minimum of 50% Grenache in its reds and roses

333.Rasteau can originate from which three villages for fortified wines

334.What is the minimum alcohol for Beaumes de Venise

335.If your traveling north on the Loire River above Touraine, which two VDQS would you encounter first.

336.What is an Almencenista

337.What is produced in Samos

338.Months for aging vintage Champagne

339.Name an estate on the Saar, Village, Mosel

340.German region closest to Alsace city of Rihrquist

341.Sparkling wine from Carcossone

342.Vin de Liquer from Armagnac

343.Where are the Balaton Vineyards

344.What are the grapes of St. Peray

345.Where are Clos de Ormes, Amoreuses, and Clos de Ducs

346.Name two pruning techniques used for champagnes

347.What are the major grapes red and white of Valdepenas

348.What does Vermouth take its name from

349.Where would you find Vinho Rosado

350.Name the 5 general wine growing areas of CA

351.What counties make up the North Coast

352.What area of Argentina produces some of the best cabernets

353.Name the six areas of Vinho Verde

354.What is Espumosa

355.What does Rioja Joven mean

356.Name a DOC from the Marches

357.Name a DOC made from the original Zinfandel grape

358.Alentejo VO produces mainly red wines What are the districts.

359.What Australia Region was created to allow blending across states

360.What is the highest classification of wine quality in Bulgaria called.

361.What areas of England have the majority of vineyards

362.Name a popular white and red grape from the CIS

363.Where is Chateau Carras

364.What river lends a moderating influence to the vineyards of Barbaresco

365.Define Chiaretto

366.Name the DOC designations for Prosecco

367.What are the minimum standards for Soave Classico Superior

368.What is the name of Barolo’s famous soils and why is it called that

369.What DOC is Angeo Gaja now using for his famous single vineyard wine and why

370.Name three crus of Barolo

371.Name the five villages of Barolo

372.What large DOC region bordering Lombardia produces dry whites from Erbaluce and reds from a blend of Uva Rara, Nebbiolo, Vespolina and Croatina

373.Name The three Valpolicella Classico Valleys

374.Valpolicella must be made with at least 80% Corvina. What other grapes can be used in the final blend.

375.Name the three bodies of water that influence the Veneto Region.

376.Name the key producer and grape for Breganze

377.Mount Grappa is located in what regions and DOC

378.Name the two autonomous provinces of Trentino-Alto Adige

379.Define Pergola

380.Alto Adige produces the fine velvety style Scuro and Dunkel from what Grape variety.

381.Name the four sub varieties of Schiava

382.Name the village where gewürztraminer originated

383.What DOC encompasses all of Trentino and Alto Adige

384.Define Brizner

385.The winery Santa Margherita comes from which DOC

386.Which DOC in the FVG procues the largest volume of wines

387.What is Schioppettino

388.The DOC’s Colli Oriental and Collio can credit their soils to which four rivers.

389.What is the % to define a true Perry

390.What is Ughetta

391.What is Saporavy

392.What is a Doppler

393.What is the difference between an Austrian and German Kabinett

394.What is the VDP

395.Name the grape varieties used in Liebframulch

396.Name two DOC’s of Calabria

397.Why was Baco Real DOC created

398.What are the ageing requirements for white Rioja & Reserva

399.What is Chateau Y

400.In 1980 the first DOCG was announced………

401.What are the parameter of the Meritage Association

402.Name the regions of Galacia

403.Name a Beriche of Herssiche Bergstrasse

404.How many years does it take before a California winery can turn organic

405.Name the subzones of Mendoza

406.What is a Romer used for

407.Name seven villages of Cotes du Rhone

408.What is the minimum oeschle for SGN Gewurztraminer

409.What is Vespolina

410.Name a producer in the Waluke Slope

411.What is Sifone

412.What are the three AC of Calvados

413.What are the aging requirements for Cava

414.What is Debourdage

415.What is the Treaty of Methuen of 1703

416.What does Bricco mean

417.Name three Berieche of the Rheinhessen

418.What is the river which runs through Chablis

419.What are the optimum temperatures for fermentation for white/red

420.Name the red and white grapes allowed for Rioja

421.What does Prix de Sortie mean

422.Where is Pemberton

423.What is the major difference between French and American Oak

424.What is Paisslerage

425.Name the subzones of Nelson

426.Name four regions of Limestone Coast

427.What river is the village Eltsville located

428.What is the minimum temperature for picking Eiswein

429.What are the nine factors used to rate a Porto vineyard

430.Name the seven Chianti subregions

431.What is a Cartouche

432.Minimum ABV % for Chateauneuf du Pape and Gignondas

433.Where is Gambellara

434.What are the aging requirements for Vino Nobile di Montepulciano Rsva

435.What is the coolest district of Chianti

436.Give three reasons why canopy management is so important in New Zealand

437.Where is Beaumes de Venise located exactly in Southern Rhone

438.Where is Walker Bay

439.Where is Mossel Bay

440.What WO does the Orange River flow through other than the Orange River

441.What is the Cote Chalonnaise only white wine region

442.Where is Cour Cheverny located, what type of wine and what grapes

443.Where is Bouzeron located

444.Name the communes of the following: Clos l’Eglise, Fieuzal, Lamothe, Le Mons

445.Name three main viticultural regions of Chile and two subregions of one of those regions.

446.Best area for port and the town it is in.

447.Name two subzones and the main grape of Rias Biaxas

448.What type of wine is made in Cerons and what is the appellation

449.Name two weinbauregions in Austria

450.Where are the following villages: Diedishiem, Forst, Duckheim,

451.What is the Oeschle level for Riesling auslese in Mosel

452.What it the grape varietal used for making quality wines of Franken

453.What drives Autovinification

454.What is Bagaciera

455.What is the grape of Bucelas

456.Where is Pipers River

457.Where is Coal River

458.What are the soils of Sherry, Connawarra, Saumur

459.Name the quality port vintages from 1952-1962

460.Name the frappe of Coteaux L’Aubance

461.Where is Carinena

462.Where is the Clare Valley

463.Name the main grape of Jurancon

464.Where are the following Premier Crus: Aux Malconsorts, Mont Luisnats,

465.What is the difference between Klevener and Kevener

466.What is the northernmost Grand Cru of Cite de Beaune

467.What is Dorin

468.Where is Wellington exactly on the map

469.Where is Nelson exactly on the map

470.What and where is Mas a Plana

471.What is the minimum temperature for pressing ice wine in Canada

472.What river do the following villages sit on:Eitelsbach, Wehlen, Bad

473.List three AVA’s of Mendocino

474.Where is Chalone AVA

475.Where is Boberg and what style of wines are they know for

476.Aside from Tulbagh and Constantia, list the other four coastal regions

477.What is the Italian designation for Vin de Pays

478.What is a Hybrid

479.Other than the Highlands and Lowlands, name tow other areas for Scotch

480.Where exactly is Chateau Tahbilk

481.Where are the following GI’s : Swan , King

482.Name four Grand Cru Villages from Cote de Blancs

483.What is the name of the brandy added in port production andratio/ must.

484.What is Taurasi

485.What is Ouzo

486.Where and what is Fendant

487.Where is St. Criox du Mont and where exactly is it located

488.Where is the Coteaux du Loir and give its AOCS

489.Where exactly is Lauceston

490.What are the grape varieties use in Vin Santo, describe production

491.What does Millerandage mean

492.What does the term INAO indicate

493.What does IGT stand for

494.What port house does Vargellas belong to

495.Name two regions in Tasmania

496.Explain Brouillis in Cogac production

497.What wine is produced outside Carcassone

498.What is jerepigo

499.Name 3 subregions of Valtellina Superiore

500.What is the capacity of a Bathalazar

501.What is Ausbruch

502.Name the GI’s of Western Australia

503.Name three “Satellites” of Pouilly Fuisse

504.Name four “Zones” of South Australia.