Practice questions for Sommeliers, Master Level.

Some questions to kick your ass in the morning. Look up the answers on your own. No help here. Good luck.

1.     What is Oseleta?

2.     Who was Giulio Gambelli?

3.     What is Ansonica?

4.     In which IG of Mendoza is Tupungato located?

5.     What does the term Gran Reserva indicate on a label of white wine from Argentina?

6.     What are the subregions of Austral DO in Chile?

7.     Name two wine producing regions of Brazil?

8.     What is the name of the 62 cl bottle used for Chateau Chalon?

9.     What is the synonym of Roussette grape in Roussette de Savoie AOP?

10. Describe a Geuze beer:

11.  In sake production, what is the Moromi?

12. What is the flavor and country of origin of Barack Palinka?

13. What is the style(s) of Cote de Bordeaux Saint Macaire AOP?

14. Name 2 lieux-dits in Fourchaume that may be labeled as Premier Cru Chablis:

15. What village in Cote d’Or is the premier Cru Les Brouillards located?

16. What village in Cote d’Or is the premier Cru Aux Murgers located?

17. What village in Cote d’Or is the premier Cru Les Bouchères located?

18. What is the encépagement of Coteaux Bourguignons Rouge?

19. What are 3 General Rules for Membership of Special Club Champagne:

20. Where are the following Premier Cru Villages Champagne located:

·      Bisseuil

·      Cuis

·      Trépail

21. What grape(s)  permitted for Muscat du Cap Corse AOP?

22. What are three distinct sections of Coulée de Serrant AOP?

23.  Where are the following Lieux-dits located:  La Geynale, Chaillot, Reynards

24. What are the styles and principal grapes of Buzet Blanc AOP?

25. What does a Gold capsule represent on wines from the Mosel?

26. Name 2 important einzellagen from Erden

27. What Gemeinden is Marcobrunn located?

28. What Gemeinden is Sackträger located?

29. What river is Bad Kreuznach located on?

30. What are the rules for blending in Wiener Gemischeter Satz?

31. Name 3 subzones of Valle d’Aosta

32. What is the aging requirement for Marsala Superiore SOM: "Superior Old Marsala"

33. What is the style and auxiliary grapes of Lissini Durello DOC?

34. Name the DOCGs of Lazio:

35. What are the DOP regions within Terras do Dao?

36. What is the style of Pico DOP?

37. The white varietal wines of Toro are produced from either Malvasia or ______?

38. What region are these Vinos de Pago located

·      Prado de Irache

·      Florentino

·      Aylés

39. What is doble pasta mean in winemaking in Spain?

40. What is dead arm disease, other name and effects on a vine?