Videos! Google Earth flyovers of Champagne regions.

I created these four flyovers for the Champagne lectures lead by Matt Citriglia, MS and Shayn Bjornholm, MS at the 2018 Advanced Courses. The first video is a brief introduction of the location, latitude of Champagne in reference to North America, Loire Valley and rest of Europe. There is a cool overlay of soils I added and highlighted the river Marne. 

The following videos show a bit more detail of the sub regions and villages. Note the labels of the producers are inserted because they were tasted in the lectures. They're not just random producers I picked for the video. However, it does lend perspective of where the houses actually are and ways to study the importance of Negociants and Growers. 

Something new I started adding to the videos is an overlay of the vineyard names. I think it's cool to see where Les Goisses is in Mareuil-sur-Aÿ and Les Crayères in Ambonnay. Hope you enjoy, leave your comments below.

Intro to Champagne Region!

Tour Montagne de Reims!

Tour Vallee de la Marne!

Tour Cote de Blancs!